Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

In July 2013 Alison Gannett was found to have a deadly baseball-sized malignant cancerous brain tumor in her frontal lobe. After an initial partial surgery, Alison has forgone traditional approaches and instead has used a ketogenic diet, DNA testing, and a new lifestyle to starve the remaining cancer cells and provide health to the rest […]

Keto Diet Recipe – Starbucks Glazed Lemon Cake | Keto Babe Rocks

Starbucks glazed lemon cake keto diet recipe. Here’s the ketogenic version of Starbucks’ famous lemon cake with just a fraction of the carbs. Starbucks’ version has a whopping 68g of carbs per slice and this entire loaf has only 38.4g! I guess that means you can eat the whole loaf and not worry about feeling […]

Ketogenic Diet Carb Cycling w/ David Jockers, DC

Episode #131:David Jockers, DC- Ketogenic Diet Meals, Carb Cycling & Mistakes ➢ Read the Interview Transcript: ➢ Listen to the Audio in iTunes: ➢ Connect with Dr. Jockers: ————————————–Lets Connect———————————- ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● iTunes ———————————Key Highlights———————————– 41:50 Ketogenic Diet Misconceptions: It is not the Atkins diet. It […]

Better Ways to Cycle Through A Keto Diet? – Ketogenic Diet 101 – Dr. Brett Osborn

In his latest video, What is the Difference between “Better Ways to Cycle Through A Keto Diet?” Dr. Osborn explains ways to cycle through your Ketogenic Diet using a few tips. Dr. Osborn is a board-certified neurosurgeon, nutrition specialist and BPI Sports’ expert. Learn more about Dr. Brett Osborn and Ketogenic Diets when you visit […]

Ketogenic Diets For Sports Performance w/ Alessandro Ferretti

13:51 What is Keto Adapted? During anaerobic exercise, some people fall out of ketosis with a certain amount of carbs; whereas others, with the same number of carbs, stay in ketosis. Alex is finding that there is a genetic component. You can maximize your body’s ability to operate and you can maximize your glycogen store, […]

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans! Lose weight with no exercise and 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Learn how to Keto adapt with easy, simple Ketogenic Meal Plans. Lose weight, heal and gain energy and mental clarity! 100% Money Back guarantee and exercise required! My Accelerated Keto Meal Plans & Coaching for Rapid Results: Thank you for watching! To turn your body into a highly adapted fat burning machine with a […]

Can I do the ketogenic diet without a gallbladder?

Transcript and other resources can be found here: If you’re eating a little bit of fat and your liver is producing bile, then you should not have any problems. Find out what you can do if you don’t have a gallbladder or a low-functioning gallbladder. Is the ketogenic diet right for you? Take the […]

BEST CHOCOLATE DESSERT RECIPE EVER! Heart Smart – Ketogenic KETO Diet – Kevin Hunter KETO HOW-TO SERIES. The Ketogenic Diet, or KETO, is quickly becoming the most popular diet in the world! Not just because it helps you lose weight, but tons of research continues to prove that it’s the ticket to your health. This chocolate recipe is not only amazing, it has all the right fats. A […]