Does excess protein turn into sugar on a Ketogenic Diet? Keto confusion.

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Does excess protein turn into sugar? Is extra protein on a ketogenic diet something to fear? Tackling a frequently asked question that is , quite frankly, getting OLD.

Protein is NOT equal to sugar – excess protein has some amino acids which can be converted to glucose through a process that is energetically costly. A study done on individuals on a carbohydrate driven diet showed that eating 50g of protein results in about the same glucose production as drinking WATER.

Excessive protein will be oxidized for energy, but if you go over your requirements for protein by 20 grams that is NOT the same as eating 20grams of glucose – this is a myth that confuses many people.

More protein than .8g/lb of lean body weight does not increase muscle protein synthesis (muscle building), but eating a bit more fish to get more DHA into your body will not harm your ability to burn fat and get lean!

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