Keto Diet Before and After [8 Month Progress Update!]

The last progress video I updated was at 4 months on the keto diet, showing a before and after look of the keto diet progress I had made so far. (Check out my blog for recipes and what I’ve been eating!) The responses and comments I received from everyone after sharing was so overwhelmingly positive, that it really helped me stay the course and continue making progress on the keto diet.

I’m now 8 months into the ketogenic lifestyle and wanted to share what my keto diet progress looks like so far. It’s 4 months after my last update and I’ve lost an additional 15 pounds… only 5 pounds away from my original goal weight.

My heighest weight was 251 pounds. I started the keto diet back in September 2015 at 231 pounds after stalling out at a 20 pound weight loss. I lost 51 pounds in the first 4 months on the keto diet and have lost an additional 15 in the past 4 months for a total of 66 pounds lost on the keto diet and 86 pounds down from my heaviest weight!

My progress on the keto diet has made me so happy, I just have to share with you all! Thanks so much for watching and encouraging me along the way. You guys are awesome!

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